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Monday, 21 March 2011

World Poetry Day: Another Country Haiku Poetry from Wales by Nigel Jenkins

Title: Another Country Haiku Poetry from Wales
Author/Editor: Nigel Jenkins
Publisher: Gomer Press
Publication Date: 15 Mar 2011

Synopsis: From Amazon
This is the first ever Welsh national anthology of haiku poetry, and features the work of forty authors who have contributed significantly to the development and popularity of this most ancient yet versatile of literary forms. Concise, precise and evocative, and taking us on a journey through and around the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of everyday life, these poems have been selected and edited by three highly respected pioneers of the haiku in Wales, Nigel Jenkins, Ken Jones and Lynne Rees

Thanks to the wonderful Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea I have a taster of the poems included in this gorgeous book.

Rain and the ghosts of rain

conjure the mountain.

Everything will disappear.

Tony Curtis

a bullfinch sparks off

into the gloom an old

sadness returns

Chris Torrance

this evening

filling the space between us

the scent of honeysuckle

John Rowlands

Winter light

inside our bedroom window

the spider’s web abandoned

Ken Jones
Hay’s almost in –

Summer’s too short here

for romance

Marion Carlisle

At sunset

My shadow

Grows absent

Humberto Gatica

I hope this has encouraged you to give poetry a try.
Thanks for reading


  1. Great post! I love poetry, particularly contemporary poetry and haiku. These poems are beautiful, and I love the images you chose to go with them (I actually used the first image of rain in a poetry chapbook I had to do for a poetry final when I was in college).

  2. Wow these are lovely. I've never tried that type of poetry before. I love John Rowlands one, that's my fave. x


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