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Monday, 14 March 2011

MG Monday: Guest Mini Review: The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M Auel

Title: The Clan of the Cave Bear
Series: Earths Children
Author: Jean M Auel
Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks
Publication Date: 23 Dec 2010

Source: Publisher - thank you

Synopsis: From Amazon
Leave 21st century London and go back to Ice Age Europe. Follow Ayla, a Cro-Magnon child who loses her parents in an earthquake and is adopted by a tribe of Neanderthal, the Clan. See how the Clan's wary suspicion is gradually transformed into acceptance of this girl, so different from them, under the guidance of its medicine woman Iza and its wise holy man Creb. Immerse yourself in a world dictated by the demands of survival in a hostile environment, and be swept away in an epic tale of love, identity and struggle.

The premise of this story is very interesting, showing that where you live in the world affects your development. Applicable to today's society by the parallels with '3rd World countries' as opposed to 'Developed Countries'.

The research that went into this book really shines through the narrative. Giving depth to the story. Not only from a historical point of view but the way in which aromatherapy/herbalism/homeopathy was included. Natural remedies that should be utilised more often in today's society.

I will state truthfully that I did not finish this book, although I do intend to, as it is quite heavy going. Lots of characters to remember and how they fit into the story. With regard to it slotting in to the current teen market, again I am undecided on this one. I feel that the avid historical/fantasy reader will lap this up but as it is on the weighty side it may put off the 'average' teen. 

Many thanks to J for reading this book and dictating his review to me [ : D ]


  1. One of those books where you need to be able to block in a certain amount of time to read it. Needs to be absorbed in chunks I think.

  2. l also didn't finish this book.
    The writing is great but like you said SO many characters to remember and l am not sure how it fits in with the YA books which are out at the moment ..

  3. I discovered Jean M Auel about ten years ago and an absolutely love this series. I'm eagerly awaiting the last one being published in a few weeks. However, I definitely wouldn't class it as young-adult. There are some scenes in this book and later ones in the series which are definitely of a more adult nature and in every library I've seen it in they're always put in the adult fiction section.

    I hope your husband does finish reading it at some point though because the books are amazing and wonderfully written.


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