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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Saturday Spotlight: Random Post: Commenting


Over the last few weeks a lot of people have been expressing their opinion about interacting with their followers and how important it is. I would just like to have my say *pokes tongue out*

PhotobucketLike anyone else I adore getting comments, I sit anxiously with my email open waiting for new comments to flock in every time a new post goes live on the blog (this rarely happens by the way). It makes my day that people actually bother to read the stuff I write let alone take the time to express an opinion about it or give a compliment *swoon*. I appreciate every single little thing you say. If you have left an email and not the 'no reply @ blogger' then I try to email you back. Or I will thank you on twitter or face-book (more likely twitter because it is an addictive black-hole of random conversation *looks at @PeweterWolf13, @serendipidy101, @SisterSpooky, don't pretend you don't know what I am talking about*. I really do appreciate every single comment and hope I 'interact' with you via these wonderful methods of communication, many of you I consider friends rather than just followers and I sincerely hope that this is transmitted to you.
What I do not expect is for you to check back to the post that you have commented on to see if I have responded. I know this is how a lot of blogs interact with their readership but for me, I think that your time is precious and you may not have the time to visit the post to check for a reply. I certainly don't.  
As well as liking to receive comments, I like to give them, as I said it really shows that you appreciate the effort that has gone into the writing of that particular post. I do try to do this as often as I can. I feel terribly guilty if I am unable to comment for a while and spend hours clicking through posts in order to 'catch-up'. I have a problem with commenting from the school library, only comment boxes that open in a new window are allowed for some strange reason. If your blog does not have one of these I am not able to comment from the library, I try to make a note of the blog posts I have read and want to comment on so that when I get to my home computer I make an effort to go comment. As I follow a lot of totally awesome blogs this can be quite a long list. Unfortunately, life almost always gets in the way - running the girlies about/the mountain of ironing that is slowly taking over my living room - you know general stuff like that. So I apologies for not commenting as often as I should or would like.
If I am able to leave you a comment I will, BUT if you want to respond to the comment I have left please please please if you want to respond/interact with me regarding it (or anything really I am always up for a random chat just ask @Fiction_Fan) then please do so via twitter/email or facebook. I am very sorry but I physically do not have the time to revisit the post I commented on; as much as I would love to. Update: After writing this another thought occurred to me (they do happen occasionally) if you do respond to a comment I have left you on your blog let me know that you have done so by one of the previously mentioned methods, even linking me would be helpful so I can go take a look without having to search through the posts for that particular comment.

So please if you want to respond to a comment I have left for you - interact with me personally (I love it) - I am really sorry I do not have time to revisit the post to check for a response. Plus I wouldn't want other people to think that I have seen a response to a comment when I haven't.

I really really really (can you tell how much I really) love getting comments and interacting with you lovely people. I look forward to doing it a lot more.

THE BORING BIT: This post is not aimed at anyone specific - I know a lot of blogs interact with this readership in this manner and it works for a lot of people. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me and I just wanted to let you all know. It isn't because I cant be bothered or don't 'interact' with my readership I DO and hopefully they like the way I interact. So please keep the comments coming and if you want to respond to a comment I left you - then come have a random chat or email me. I look forward to it [ ; D ]




  1. Do you really want to talk to me even more than you already do? LOL - aren't you fed up of me by now.

    I am really bad at visiting people's emails to comment, mainly because old Techo Viv hasn't a clue how to do that and it ends up being long winded. So I tend to reply via my blog or on Twitter!

    I have no idea what random conversations you are talking about *looks around innocently* it must be that other serendipidy101 woman - hear she is one penny short of a pound!

    PS Sorry for making you want more books this morning. YOu know I not evil and cunning by nature. Tee hee!

  2. *looks around*

    what? me? addicted to Twitter? Never!


    i love comments too even if it's just feedback or questions etc. i always try to respond to comments left on my blog and check out other peoples blogs if i can. but like you say real life can get in the way so often!

  3. Very valid points :)

    If a comment warrants a reply (and I like it when they do!), I always reply via email.

    Off to read some more of your blog posts :)

  4. I love this post! I was talking to a girl on twitter this week about captcha and all the extra email entries and baggage people want you to do before even leaving a comment. Sometimes it's longer to do that then to comment. A lot of it is for security but niether of us has had any spam mail in 6 months of time so we were comparing the point of all that extra junk. It makes some people not want to comment. We all love the great comments people love to give. Those silly things shouldn't hold one up. I'm like you too though, I don't have time to go back and follow up, plus I don't remember which blog it was a lot of the time if it isn't one I visit regularly.

  5. Great post Emma :D

    Seriously your commenting puts mine to shame - I've no idea how you manage to comment on so many blogs (I'm not surprised you don't have time to go back to existing posts).

    Unless I've posted a comment which could be replied to and if I see the blogger replying to comments then I may revisit a post but I rarely do and only if I remember!

  6. Aww what a great post!

    Since my life has been overtaken by work I have reduced my blog commenting to practically a tweet or two. It is really a shame because I will browse blogs during my lunch hour and during weekends (evenings I just can't anymore :( ) and I prefer to read loads of articles rather than read and take the time to comment on less blogs (does it even make sense what I am writing? *raises eyebrow*).
    So I usually try to tweet the person directly saying how much I liked the article...
    I know it's baaaad, but I'm working on it (see, here I am commenting :D).

    I am exactly like you and really enjoy people's comments and them giving their opinions on my reviews (though now I hardly comment on people's blogs, I haven't been having much people reading/commenting on my own blog :-/) and I usually try to interact with them on twitter (*such* an addiction!) - I really do think Twitter should be mandatory to all bloggers, I am interacting so much more with everyone there!

    Anyways, I am getting side-tracked :)

    And i have to say that I love commenting on your blog because you always answer!!! And that is so adorable that it makes me go *awww* :D


    (yeah I know I should keep my blog comments professional and all... but I can't :-p)

  7. aww what a lovely post. I tr to comment on as many blogs as I can. x

  8. Aww, we all do things differently, don't we? And I think having our own personal ways of blogging and communicating with our readers is what makes individual bloggers as well as the community great.


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