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Monday, 21 March 2011

World Poetry Day: Guest Poems: Written by Nicole Year 8

I was really astounded when Nicole approached me to tell me she wrote poetry. Nicole suffers from turrets, she has a time out card she can use when she is having a rough patch. She tends to come to the library to calm down (plus I bribe her with sweets, lol). I am touched that she wanted to share her poetry with me (and ultimately you). My lesson in remembering not to judge a book by its cover [ ; D ] 

Friends Birthday
Its my best friends birthday,
She has one every year.
I like to buy her present,
to celebrate her birth.
She doesn't have a party,
because she is just too old,
but goes out for a meal
or has a sleepover at home.

Holidays are the best,
I mean, You get to rest.
You sunbathe by the pool,
use a fan to make you cool.
You watch the skies above,
with the ones you love.

Bad Guy

I might be mean,
I might be sad, I can honestly say,
I ain't that bad.

You are sad,
You are mean, well that's how it seems.
But deep inside,
I know too well,
You ain't the bad guy,
Just under a spell.


  1. I love Bad Guy, short and to the point. Excellent. x

  2. Those where pretty good!! d-_-b


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