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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Review: Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting

Title: Desires of the Dead
Series: The Body Finder
Author: Kimberly Derting
Publisher: Headline
Publication Date: 17 Mar 2011

Source: Publisher (I hug you - thank you even though I felt guilty)

Synopsis: From Amazon
Violet and Jay are finally dating, but adjusting to the new relationship is not as easy as Violet anticipated. Especially when she has to split Jay's time and attention with his new best friend, Mike, and Mike's pesky younger sister - who happens to be obsessed with Jay. Meanwhile, when Violet's special abilities lead her to the body of a young boy, her tip to the police puts her on the radar of the FBI. Violet tries to fend off the FBI's questions while maintaining the semblance of a normal life, but somebody's leaving her threatening notes and an echo around Mike's house reinforces that all is not right. Violet is forced to admit that perhaps the only people who can help her figure it out are the very people she's desperate to avoid - the FBI.

Desires of the Dead picks up a few months after the dramatic ending in The Body Finder. As with The Body Finder the use of the third person narrator allows for multiple plot threads to be held together as well as providing a means to slip in red herrings, misdirection, subterfuge and I think ultimate teasing into the story. You just never know where the plot is going to go, this is one of those books where you desperately flip through the pages a warp speed just so you can confirm if your suspicions are correct. I will tell you I had absolutely no idea - the end caught me completely by surprise. Believe me this does not happen often.

The intermittent chapters written in first person narrative and in italics differentiated the story-lines visually and via the narrative voice used. Providing comparisons and contrasts to the main plot while adding depth and focus.

Jay *swoon* and Violet's relationship is moving along nicely, they appear to be re-adjusting well to their redefined relationship, even if they can be over-protective of each other. This is something that can be attributed to the events in The Body Finder. The chemistry and passion between felt as if electric sparks were coming from the pages. The way in which the physical side of their relationship was dealt with honesty and tact from Kimberley Derting just added another element to the story. It was a weighty decision that neither Jay or Violet took lightly, the decision wasn't rushed or forced but a natural progression.

Violet can be slightly annoying in her independence. While she does think that by trying to solve problems on her own she is protecting the people that she loves. In fact this is never true and she causes more problems and distress through her actions. Part of growing up is knowing when to ask for help. Something I think Violet is becoming more aware of through the passage of this book. I actually found myself more 'connected' to Violet in this book than in The Body Finder, crediting Kimberly Dertings writing style for immersing me in the vibrations, re-creating the feeling of anxiety and tension that Violet felt, and creating such a 'real' character. I did feel that the strain on Violet's and Jay's relationship was escalated due to Violet's stubborn streak which blew it out of all proportion. Easy to relate to.

Although the FBI does feature in the story they did not play an overly prominent part. The way in which the 'division' and Sara Priest was portrayed was along the lines of the clandestine divisions of my conspiracy theory loving streak (think X-Files, Warehouse 13), as if I didn't love this book enough already.

Some of Jay and Violet's friends had extremes of personalities yet all their interactions were believable and aided the dimension building within the plot. The inclusion of Rafe was genius, he obviously has 'gifts' of his own and using them to help people. Again I am hoping this does not develop into a love triangle though (love triangle overload at present). I am really eager to learn more of Rafe's background and unique 'gifts'.

All the plot threads and interactions (to a degree) reach a rather unsettling conclusion [ ; D ] No spoilers here [ : D ]

The Body Finder was such a difficult book to follow but Desires of the Dead actually exceeded my expectations, something I do not say lightly. A cross-over paranormal thriller with a fantastic romance thrown in. Definitely a book to SWOON over.


  1. Yar, I also loved this one. I agree with what you say entirely - especially the bit about Violet's independence being a little wearing at times. I should really get round to writing a review of this one myself as it really was excellent. Great review, beautifully put!

  2. I read "The Body Finder" the other day. Looking forward to reading this. Even more now that I have read your review! :-)

  3. I can't wait to read this one now. I have been desperate for ages, but I must finish others first. Aargh!

  4. I found Vi slightly annoying here too, but then I started thinking about it, and it all makes sense really, even though she is still slightly annoying. lol!

    I love Jay more than ever after reading this. Swoon!!!

  5. I've just started this. I LOVED the Body Finder Jay and Violet def one of my fave couples. Can't wait to read it. x

  6. i totally expected mulder to pop up in this in an xfiles cameo!

  7. I've been dying to read this series for ages, I think I need to get around to it soon! Fab review :D

  8. Oh I'm with you on this one. I did love Rafe's character and you can see how he's helping Violet become more comfortable in admitting her abilities to other people, but I will be upset if it turns into a triangle.

    And I did roll my eyes when Violet continued to shut Jay out and not discuss things.

    Still! I absolutely loved this one and the series and the characters and can't wait for more!


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