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Monday, 21 March 2011

World Poetry Day: Guest Poem: Written by the Gorgeous Susan K Mann

It is my pleasure to host a poem from one of the nicest people I know. She is a truly lovely person and without her I would be crying in the corner that my blog had disappeared. This poem is taken from Susan's blog with her permission. Although Susan insists she isn't very good I think it is wonderful. I will let you make up your own mind. Go check out Susan's fabulous blog by clicking the picture above.

First Kiss

Standing face to face,
Our eyes lock,
Our heads tilt before the embrace,

The butterflies in my stomach flap intensely,
The anticipation of what is to become overwhelms me,
The hairs at the back of my neck start to tingle,

We move closer,
I feel your breath on my lips,
A shiver goes down my spine,

Our lips touch,
And the butterflies become bats,
The tingling becomes electrified,

Our kiss becomes more intense,
I intertwine my fingers in your hair,
Our breathing becomes faster, becomes one,

Then its over, WOW...


  1. I talk about this poem in my blog tour post on Susan's site today! I love it so much! :D

  2. I don't take time to think about this I just write, if I over think they get messed up. I based this on Portia and Vance so Lacey was my muse for this one. Thank you Emma for such lovely compliments and I would do the same all over again. I'm ony pleased I could help. Hugs xx


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