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Sunday, 15 May 2011

In My Mailbox #16-11

Hosted by the lovely Story Siren, this meme allows me to give thanks for all the lovely books I obtain.
I am truly grateful for every single one.
For those of you that know me I actually squee when opening book parcels and have been known to hug/kiss a book - just ask my girls lol.

From the Library where a big argument ensued as to the classification of these books - can you believe they had them down as adult???

On loan from the lovely Laura of Scattered Figments - you should go checkout her blog [ : D ]

Gifted for the school library by the most wonderful Viv of Serendipity
The books tackles bullying and as I run an anti-bullying week Viv thought this would be a great addition. The lovely author Bryony Allen has also been in touch to see if she can do anything for anti-bullying week. THANK YOU BOTH.
If anyone has suggestions for this years anti-bullying week that generally takes place in October please let me know.

For Review:

(swoon I just adore the cover and can't wait to read it there have been some fabulous reviews and interviews around the blogosphere for this one)

On loan from the utterly awesome Jesse of Books for Teens (he really is truly brill and does a weekly round-up of reviews which is invaluable <3 )

For Review:

Remember I told you at the start of the IMM that I squee/kiss/hug books well this was one of them and can you blame me


Ok so these aren't books but I thought I would include them - for some totally unknown reason I missed out on these when they first were on TV. I was introduced to Black Books a few weeks ago by my lovely Year 12 Librarian that Guest Reviewed on Friday (go check it out here and leave him a comment please as he really did do a terrific job with his review). When I was tweeting about an episode the other night I was so surprised at how many of the people I speak to actually watch and love it. As the box set was only £6.99 on Amazon I thought I would treat myself to entertainment in order to tackle the ever increasing ironing mountain lol. Then the lovely Keris Stainton suggested I would also like Spaced and away you go. I actually bought myself something that was not a book lol.

As the fab Kenneth @kennethwilsonuk tweeted me a pic of his fantastic English breakfast this morning I am now absolutely starving and craving breakfast [ : D ] will possibly have to postpone the commenting catch-up until I have eaten lol.



  1. I have Dead Beautiful too but haven't started reading it yet. The cover is gorgeous!!

    Yay, you got Passion. So exciting :)

  2. Awesome books! You'll enjoy Dead Beautiful SO much! And *squeeeeeeeeeeeee* for Passion!!

  3. I adore the cover of Dead Beautiful and can't wait to hear what you think of Passion!

    I'm glad The Summer Of Shambles (Ondine) arrived safely :D

    Ooh! And I can't believe Tamsyn's books got categorised at adult *madness* lol.

    Happy Reading :D

  4. Great mailbox, I'm jealous!:) I'd love to read Dead Beautiful.

    I hope you love Spaced, its something that I watch over and over, great for days when you are feeling under the weather.

  5. Yay! great book,s cant believe your library had "my so called"'s down as adult!
    After seeing Vivs review of Otoli I really want to read that, hope its good for the library! :D X

  6. I'm getting Passion soon, I cannot wait! *SQUEE* It's going to be awesome! :D Enjoy!

  7. I do love it when you nudge people my way, you wonderful librarian, you!

    "0.4" isn't a loan,though. It can live in the library from now on! A good one for the techy lads!

    Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

  8. Your welcome!

    I can't wait to hear more about the first two. They look yum!

    Black Books is just amazing. I just love Bernard!

  9. Great set! The Tamsyn Murray books sound interesting.
    My IMM

  10. Thanks for stopping by earlier. I'm so jealous that you got a copy of Passion for review. I am dying to read that book because I am a huge Team Miles fan. Enjoy all your new books and have a great week! :-)

  11. great IMM! Quite the haul! I haven't heard of a lot of these so thanks for showcasing them! I did see the movie Ondine, does that count? Enjoy!

    Here’s My IMM!

  12. Wow- so many great books, I'm especially jealous of Dead Beautiful(love the cover for it as well) and Passion.
    @Kate I thought I was the only one who was Team Miles!

  13. I can't wait to see what you think about Passion! I'm so very excited to read it. :) I really want to read Odine and Dead Beautiful as well. Enjoy!!


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