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Monday, 30 May 2011

Random - Being Unable to Comment Makes Me Sad

Just a little post to let everyone know how awful it is not to be able to comment on other people wonderful blogs.

I have be trying desperately to comment all last week – amazing reviews and posts popping up – but Blogger/Google keeps re-directing me back to the login page whenever I try to comment.

It gets really frustrating when you put in a long comment for someone only to have it disappear after the third attempt to log-in.

The weird thing is that I can have my blogger dashboard open on another tab but it still keeps re-directing me to the sign in screen.

I am aware that I am not the only person to experience this problem but I just wanted to let you all know that I am trying to comment. I really really want to comment but it just isn’t happening and this makes me sad.

I cannot even find a way to report the problem to Blogger. What is up with that.

If anyone knows what is going on or has an idea when it is likely to be fully resolved please could you let me know.

Thank you and hope to be commenting really soon.


  1. Argh, Blogger has really been getting on my nerves recently!!! :/

  2. I have seen that a lot with Blogger lately and my friends using blogger are frustrated too. I am on Wordpress and happy to be there.

    Bummer you have been unable to comment - hopefully that is corrected soon (when in doubt copy the text before you hit submit - then you can at least paste it and try again)

  3. Our blogger has been the same. I'm coming across some great blogs but it won't allow me to follow them. :( I really hope it gets sorted soon. Donna

  4. I hope you can comment again soon. It must be really annoying!

    I checked bloggers twitter account last week when I was having problems with my blog, and they said they know of the problem and are working on it.

    Guess they're still working on it!

  5. My blogger is doing the same thing! It only does it with my Internet Explorer though. I'm able to leave comments as long as I use Firefox. Go figure! I hope they get it fixed soon!

  6. Have you tried to contact them over twitter?
    So sorry your having this problem, l know a lot of people are getting annoyed and l can imagine how annoying it must be!!

  7. Bels and I are having a rough go of too Emma! It stinks! We actually looked at other sites to move webpages to. I hope they can iron out the kinds too. We haven't been able to comment to hardly anyone! :( So sad!


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