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Monday, 9 May 2011

MG Monday: Update and My Talented 10 year old

A quarrel is like a pair of scissors
Saying sharp things
Words trimming friendship apart
Cold hatred
Like rusty steel

Offending one another

Mans Best Friend
A cat chaser
A bath hater
A homework eater
A mans best friend
A barking beast
A growling monster
A Frisbee chaser
A bone chewer

These were written by my beautiful and very talented ten year old (proud Mum) so I had to show them off. She wasn't very pleased when I didn't include them for the World Poetry Day on the 21st March.

Well Easter has been a bit hectic and there have been a few missing slots for the blog (which I HATE) hopefully I can get into gear and get stuff scheduled now that I am back in the library.

The girls and I had a lovely time with the weather being so nice over the Easter holidays. We really made the most of it going the nice outdoor places (plus free) like Amelia Trust Farm where we got to see lambs and all sorts of cute things. Plus a really mad chipmunk that kept me entertained for ages, lol. We went to the splash park and Margam Park where the girls love fairytale land. Lets hope the weather is just as nice in half term [ : D ] We went on an egg hunt and the girls took part in an Easter bonnet parade. Plus the 10 year old sang a solo in the church Easter concert (I promptly burst into tears, lol)

How did you spend the Easter Holidays??

When the girls went back to school they had a Royal Wedding day where they had to dress as a member of the wedding party. Big one had to be different and went as a member of the Paparazzi, middle one went as a Bridesmaid and little one went as a friend of the bride lol. We all had great fun watching the wedding during the holidays, although the girlies gave up when the speeches in the Abbey started. We adored the outfits.

Remember these photos were taken at 7:30 in the morning before school, hence the tiredness, lol.

How did you spend THE WEDDING??


  1. Drunk! And wearing a tiara!

  2. I love the Amelia Trust farm, spent many trips there in my childminding days. Daughter stayed there with Brownies for a weekend too. I haven't been to Margam for some time, the play area had been vandalised but I'm sure it's been redone now.

  3. awww your girls are lovely! I love your big ones poetry! Bless her so much! I want a man's best friend! :) x

  4. Fantastic photos, your girls are adorable. We watched the Wedding with our cardboard castle we made out of easter egg boxes :) x


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