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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Musical Moments: Guest Post: The Soundtrack to My Life by Raimy of Readaraptor


This week I am welcoming the gorgeous Raimy of Readaraptor to share the music that has made an impact on her through her life:

Firstly I would like to thank Emma for asking me to share the Soundtrack to My Life! I hope you all enjoy it!

So the first song my on my soundtrack will obviously have to be number one when I was born. Although it’s pretty cringe-worthy this song is very well known and I don’t really mind it being my birth song!

I know I used to love proper 80’s music like Tiger Feet and stuff when I was little; yeah I was a strange kid! But the first bands I remember obsessing over were East 17 and Boyzone. I could never decide which one was my favourite back then and now I find it even harder to choose between the two but I think I’m going to have to pick East 17. I was gutted when Brian got done for drugs and then they split up in 1997.

When they split up though my attention soon turned to another boy band – 5ive! I loved Five; they were sooo cool and a bit rugged! In my opinion they got over-shadowed by Spice Girls big time.

Five split up when I was finding my feet as a kinda teenager (12), I was learning that there were more types of music than pop and I came across Good Charlotte on Kerrang TV. That day changed my music taste entirely; I remember just watching the video for Little Things and falling in love, wanting to know everything about them! This love has stayed with GC until this day and I was so star struck meeting them all in Sheffield in 2008.

After finding GC I developed a taste for alternative music, Blink 182, Him, Ramstein, Incubus, and even Slipknot! Then just before I started college I found out about Funeral For A Friend. I was so used to good bands being from America that I couldn’t believe they were from a little town called Bridgend (lol this is where I am). I loved what they did with music, what they did with vocals… how they looked ;) haha. To date I have seen them live 14 times and meet nearly all of them more than once. They are lovely guys and so funny, they love to have a bit of banter whilst on stage and I love Matt’s voice, the Welsh accent is very sexy on him (and me lol)! This next song is easily THE most beautiful song I have ever heard being played acoustically live.

The best years of my life were definitely when I went to college, I loved it there. I met people who loved the same kinda music as me and got introduced to even more amazing music, I love the same bands now as I did then (I am still only 22) but I think the band that had the most influence on me from college has to be Brand New. When I was 18 my parents packed up and left the country, I make it sound harsh… they did ask me to go with them but I kindly declined! From December 2006 to September 2007 (just before I started uni) I lived with my sister, just the two of us. I was 18 throughout most of this time. Although I missed my parents, I had SOOOOO much fun. I got a job as well as having an allowance from my dad so I had tonnes of money which I blew on gigs, CDs and going to my favourite club. Brand New’s Soco Amaretto Lime has to be my soundtrack to this time, the lyrics were perfect and it never fails to remind me of my best friend. I even cried when they played it live one of the times I saw them!

When I went to uni I lost track of things that I loved before I went. Music and books passed me by completely. I only heard stuff that played in the clubs when I was out. So these few years don’t really have a soundtrack.

That is until last year, when me and a few of my bestest friends went to Cardiff (YAY). It was awesome, I had such a laugh and it was blazing sunshine so we spent all of one of the days sunbathing on Barry Island beach! When we were in Cardiff something was said (I can’t remember what,) and all of a sudden we all started singing Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. It was the soundtrack to my summer holiday and it has to go onto the soundtrack of my life. I loved that weekend, and I so want to move to Cardiff!

I’ve rambled on enough now… I shall leave you with what I think will be the soundtrack of this year for me. Obviously my love for Good Charlotte will never leave me and their new album this year really didn’t disappoint. I saw them live in February and this song was amazing, it’s by far my favourite from the new album because it’s so catchy and upbeat and sweet, kinda!

I would like to thank Raimy for that fantastic music guest post, it was wonderful to see the progression of her musical taste [ : D ]


  1. Yay! I so didnt know you were from Bridgend til I got your parcel last week! I cant believe you don't know Funeral considering their from the same town!! x

  2. LOVE this post idea, Emma! I want to steal it but I'm too nice a person to do such a thing! :P

  3. JESSE LACEY! BRAND NEW! *fans self* You have excellent, excellent music taste Raimy.

    My biggest musical years were Years 10 and 11 (2001-2003) and college (2003-2005). Like you I found new music friends who liked the same stuff as me and discovered so much new stuff. I think I bought tshirts for almost everyone I liked, LOL. I still have them - I live in band shirts!

    Love FFAF too. They rock. Think I've only seen them once or twice but they were ace. I've never seen a band more than 5 times, and Jimmy Eat World currently hold that crown.

    Oh! And I used to love Slipknot too. I actually still like a few songs - 'Wait and Bleed', 'Spit it Out' and 'My Plague' spring to mind. Blink 182 as well, yep! Did you ever get the live Mark, Tom & Travis Show CD? It's the funniest thing EVER. Honestly. So good.

    I like Good Charlotte too, though I prefer their first album to anything else they did. Not so keen on the new stuff but hey. It's cool you still like them!

    What about Taking Back Sunday, The Academy Is, Cute Is What We Aim For, Underoath, The Starting Line etc.? If you don't get this reply you'll have to tell me on Twitter ;)


  4. I love the timeline of musical tastes and its so interesting to see how its shaped moments in your life. These are awesome!


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