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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Musical Moments: Guest Post: The Soundtrack to my Life by Leanne of YA Forever


With little introduction from me over to Leanne:

I was on Twitter when I saw Emma discussing doing a soundtrack to your life style post, straight away this got my attention. Music was my very first love. It was the first thing that made me fangirl and I'm happy to say I have been fangirling ever since!

I have so many favourite songs it would be impossible for me to find a top ten list, so for me I'm definitely going with a soundtrack route. Songs that have a story to my fondness of them. I'll start from the beginning and I warn you, some of this is bliming cringe worthy!!!

Yep I started my fandomness on Kylie Minogue, I was the coolest kid! I guess it started with seeing her as Sharleen in Neighbours, which I adored. I had a big crush on Jason Donovan, her then boyfriend. Her life seemed perfect to me at the time, I really wanted to be her. I was only 4 I should add. My Mum and Dad bought all of her albums and videos for me. Many hours were devoted to her! Although I find this quite lame now, I'm also really grateful that she was my first introduction to the fandom life!

This one is actually more about my brother. I was the Kylie fan, he liked Billy. I can remember him playing his music all the time and I believe his music was in a lot of movie soundtracks. Always leaves me with happy thoughts and transports me to easier childhood days.

This is probably one of the first real songs that I loved. I can even remember where I was the first time I heard it. I was in my living room, early evening on a Tuesday and was watching the Ozone on BBC2.

 They used to do interviews with bands and play music. They played this song as their last song of the evening. I was mesmerised by the TV. I found it the most beautiful song and the video was as remarkable at the time. Its still one of my all time favourite songs.

French and Saunders also did a parody of the video, very funny!!

Take That were probably my biggest obsession ever. I lived for them. Even my teachers at school knew me as the Take That girl. It completely took over my life, but I can honestly say I was probably at my happiest. I loved Robbie Williams and worked out our differences, so I knew when it would be OK for us to get married - I know I was that scary type of fan. But only 9 years old, so very harmless!

Relight My Fire is another song, that I can remember exactly where I was the first time I heard it - Thursday evening on Top Of The Pops. It was just the best thing I had ever seen. I recorded the performance and played it for the rest of the evening in my room. I had the lyrics remembered by the next day too. Serious happy days for me!!

This actually jumps a few years for me. I went to see Romeo and Juliet at the cinema with a friend. We were both 11, but got into see it even though it was a 12 - we felt so cool that day!! The film absolutely depressed me for days afterwards, but left me with an absolute love of this song which was featured in it.

Thank you to Leanne for that truly wonderful Part 1 of The Soundtrack to my Life, I am amazed at how clearly Leanne can remember the moment she heard these songs and how they affected her. Make sure to check back in a few weeks for Part 2.

Check out Leanne's blog YA Forever here


  1. Stay still is one of my favourite songs. Oh how I loved that. Fantastic post, can't wait to read more.

  2. Love the list, Leanne! I hadn't even seen most of those videos before, so it was nice seeing what was popular over there when we were kids ;) But I was completely obsessed with the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack and movie when it came out. It was fantastic! I feel a listening coming on...

  3. YAY! Glad you guys like my post. Oh those were the days, lol!!

  4. great choices Leanne. Stay is one of my FAV FAV FAV songs. so haunting and sad but still romantic.

    you are aces but I already knew that. ;D

  5. Great choices Leanne, I love relight my fire too. And I Should Be So Lucky is catchy! :D


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