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Monday, 12 July 2010

Monster Monday: In My Monsters Mailbox #1

Following on with the IMM hosted by the wonderful The Story Siren, I thought I would show you the goodies the girlies have had over the last few weeks : D you can also see that I am not the only book addicted person in our house : D

The girlies just love getting stuff in the mail it makes them feel really special : D Thank you to the lovely Jenny at Wondrous Reads for sending the big one these books.

Big one said: Yay I have comics.
Asamum said: they are called graphic novels.
Big one heard: blah, blah, blah.
Big one said: yeah, comics. Then she dashed off to her bedroom to read/hide them before her sisters could see them : D Review to come : D

Big One said She did pick one of these up from the library but would give them a go *asamum sigh*

All picked up at a local 2ND hand book stall. However, I didnt realise there were duplicates of some of the Ally's World and she now doesn't have the complete set :( These have also been reprinted and the new covers are beautiful : D

A massive thank you to Walker Books for these books to review. They are so pretty. Little one wants to know if there will be Moshi toys as she wants to dress them up in all the pretty outfits shown in the book.

Another massive thank you to Carlton Books for not only sending the girlies a wonderful book for review but a web cam to play the games with : D How amazing!!!! Waiting for their father to connect it : D I am going to post the trailer for this book later as it is so amazing : D

Moving on to their library loot ;)

Middle one is really into this series  at the moment - bless her she said I know it isn't very difficult or good for your brain Mummy *big hugs* asamum said I don't mind what you reading, it is good for your imagination and at the end of the day you are reading *grins* asastar truly is a star : D

Unbelievably big one has read all of these already : D Part of her dyspraxia is that she doesn't sleep well, reading helps her calm down and get back off to sleep : D

Little one actually didnt pick up her usual ten books at the library - she is deeply into cookbooks at the moment and working out what she would like to make over the summer holidays : D I will try to get photos of her looking at the cookbooks later : D


  1. Lol their cheeky grins! They got a lot of books this week - you're sucha good mum! - and spending their time reading is a really good way to distract them this summer. I hope they enjoy! :D

  2. Awwww.. love to see your girls having such a great time with books! :) And wow, is that a normal amount of books that arrive in a week for your girls? You are such a fab mom.

  3. Love MoshiMoshi Kawaii! I have just reviewed it and my girlie loves it too :0)


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