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Monday, 26 July 2010

Monster Monday: Summer Reading Challenge

The girlies always do the reading challenge at the local library. Before we changed schools the main incentive was to have a medal given to them from the Librarian at a special award assembly in school : D The school they go to now is out of the area covered by the library we use. So this year they are reading just for the joy of reading : D I must be doing something right for them to read like this *happy dances*

This years theme for the challenge is Space. The library is having free events on this theme throughout the holidays. Unfortunately our local library only has one event. It was fun; a story and plenty of arts & crafts but one a week would be fantastic. I know it is down to staff resources that they are unable to hold more but it really makes a difference to keeping their attention.

The challenge is to visit the library 6 times during the holidays, borrow and read a book each time. A record card is kept by the librarians and each visit marked off the card. As you can see from my previous Monster Monday posts, the girlies read a bit faster than 1 book a week. We are now into our 2nd week of the 7 week holiday and the girls have just done their 3rd visit  to the library. The librarian has asked us to try to space it out or they will finish the challenge before the end of the holiday :( So for the next few visits we wont mark their cards.

They have been so many times as the two older girls have got stuck into a few series books and are working their way through the series : D

asastar is currently working her way through:

As you can see she really likes the girly books : D Losing herself in the fantasy world appeals to her.

asacheekymonkey has discovered a passion for:


As you can see they have very different tastes in books : D

asacutie has decided to work on her reading to impress her teacher when she goes back to school. We picked up a few first reader books at the library but they didnt have a big selection which was a bit disappointing for asacutie :( I guess we will have to go to the main library to ransack that one ;) *good excuse*

I haven't signed up for any reading challenges yet. They wont let me do the one with the girlies ;) If you know of any you think would be suitable for me/or 'my' library please let me know : D


  1. Lol, asacutie and her antics! So cute :D I have to agree with asacheekymonkey's choices. When I was her age I love space, mysteries and adventure...and everything else. :D asastar is such a girly girl!

  2. Although we have a great library here, we often struggle to find books that they want so I'm always reserving books from other libraries. They're both doing the challenge, and I was one of the Lunar Librarians on the official website last month :0)

  3. Aww, how adorable that they have usch different tastes in books :) I can't believe the librarian told you to slow down on the girls' reading :(


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