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Monday, 26 July 2010

Monster Monday: In My Monsters Mailbox #2

The girls have gone book bananas the past few weeks with The Summer Reading Challenge and just their own book love *I wonder who they follow* : D

asacuties pile of first reads from the library

a few other random books that the girlies picked up at the library

A huge thank you to Jenny from the awesome Wondrous Reads for sending the big girl these. She is really rocking the graphic novels - tying her down to do the reviews is another matter :( She opens the envelope lets the books go for 5 seconds for me to take the photo and then scoots off to her room to read/hide them. I think she has already read 2 of them, lol.

So they have had rather a major book haul : D


  1. I love that you get your kids involved in your blog. They're all so cute with their hordes of books!

  2. I've read The Popularity Papers- it's really good!
    Glad they've got some great books to read- enjoy (:


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