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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Saturday Spotlight: Boys into Books

One of the questions I was asked in my interview was How much did I know about did I know about Boys Books. Obviously the people who were interviewing me knew I have 3 girls. The Head Librarian had also checked my blog so she had an idea of the sort of things I read myself (she likes vampires too).

This was something I hadn't really considered before - luckily I had done some research before my interview, trying to anticipate the kind of questions I would be asked.

Some of the books that are classed as 'boys' didnt really come to mind at first as my oldest daughter *asacheekymonkey* reads this classification as well as more 'girlie' books.

These are a few that came to mind:

The Goosebumps Series - that asacheekymonkey is addicted too : D

The Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz (my hubs has read these)
The Young James Bond by Charlie Higson

Along with graphic novels, anime and manga.

I also discovered the School Library Association website that has loads of really useful information.

I know a few families that have boys, some are voracious readers yet others have to be bribed in order to read a book. Surely this cant just be gender specific, or is it just a statistic that girls read more than boys.

If anyone knows of any initiatives to encourage reading (whether it is boys or girls) I would be extremely grateful.

If you have any suggestions/advice/links please comment.

Thanks for all your support : D


  1. I think girls read more because we like the calming of it all......but i believe its for both and boys should read more

  2. My son loves Mr Gum and the Wimpy Kid books. He is only 7, but many of my year 7 and 8 boys at school have really enjoyed The Wimpy Kid books also. He is a very able reader but was VERY reluctant to read so I used one of the schemes I had devised at school to encourage him. It's called Read Around the World and basically each page he reads is a mile. When he gets to a certain amount of miles (ie he reaches a destination like Paris, Athens etc), he gets a little present. At school I used merits/house points/stationery/bookmarks/books.
    You might want to look at National Literacy Trust's Reading Champions and Reading the Games projects.
    Regarding manga, you will find if you have a manga collection at your school that it is read as much if not more by girls! But my manga group at school is one of my most successful ventures. The kids who love manga are really dedicated and knowledgeable. If you can get them some nice drawing pens, paper and manga books/magazines, you'll be their best friend forever! It has earned me a couple of "favourite teacher" (although I am actually not one) mentions on the year 11 yearbook this year :0)

  3. How about the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan or the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud? Also Gone by Michael Grant, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. These would all be suitable for teen boys, but perhaps you are thinking of slightly younger ones, in which case I'm not sure...

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  5. Thanks for the comments - you have been a fantastic help *hugs*

  6. Ooh. I love boys books. Alex Rider, young James Bond. Anything by Garth Nix! Neil Gaiman is fantastic. Definitely Patrick Ness. I've just seen that another commenter has said all of these already.. what hasn't been said? I read all the Goosebumps books as a child, I love that they're still available! Will try to think of more for you..


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