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Monday, 19 July 2010

Monster Monday: Review: The Tiara Club by Vivian French

Synopsis: From Amazon

Where do princesses go to school? The Royal Palace Academy for the Preparation of Perfect Princesses! Titles Include: Princess Amy and the Golden Coach, Princess Chloe and the Primrose Petticoats, Princess Jessica and the Best-Friend Bracelet, Princess Georgina and the Shimmering Pearl, Princess Olivia and the Velvet Cloak, Princess Lauren and the Diamond Necklace, Princess Hannah and the Little Black Kitten, Princess Isabella and the Snow- White Unicorn, Princess Lucy and the Precious Puppy, Princess Grace and the Golden Nightingale, Princess Ellie and the Enchanted Fawn, Princess Sarah and the Silver Swan.

Review by asastar:

I like these books so much because there is always an adventure or a problem to solve within the story.

My favourite character is Rachael because she saved a baby dolphin from a net and she didnt care about getting wet.

Well, there are two characters that I didnt really like, Aimonde & Graellua because they are horrible twins and they always seem to start the trouble.

I absolutely love the pictures in the book and I do think it helps the story. When they have the pictures of the mean parts they do look really mean and horrible so they go along with the story.

Thank you asastar for that interesting review : D

asamums thoughts:

Theses are great for quick reads. asastar devours a book in one sitting, so she gets very pleased with herself that she is reading so quickly.

It is a lovely piece of escapism touching on global issues in a light hearted manner that will enhance their PSE work in school without weighing young ones down with social 'guilt'.

The black & white illustrations are beautiful and really add to the imagination and immersion into this fantasy world.

The only problem I find with any series of this sort is that it becomes quite frustrating as a parent that there always seems to be a new title to buy. I also like to encourage my girlies to have a wide variety of books and reading the same series continually does not broaden their reading skills. However, any reading is better than no reading : D


  1. Perhaps your daughter is ready to move on to Vivian's Five Kingdoms novels? They're for more confident readers, but also wonderful readalouds if she's not quite ready, and they have wonderful illustrations by Ross Collins. The first in the series is The Robe of Skulls - and it's also on CD.
    I'm Viv's literary agent, so of course I'm biassed, but it's always lovely to hear of children who have enjoyed her stories. I think they're splendid!

  2. I kind of relate to the whole 'series' book obsession, and definitely agree that any reading is better than none. I certainly had some must-read series once upon a time, and although my mum thought I should be reading more widely, it never did me any harm!

  3. i agree about any reading being better than no reading!! thanks for stopping by and following my blog :)

  4. Thanks for the comments guys:D
    Lyndsey we would be happy to review any of the books if you would like to email me

  5. Well, I arrived here because you told me you'd reviewed Wasted - thank you!! - but now I see you reviewing my lovely friend Viv's books. Hooray! And then i see that my other lovely friend, Lindsey, is here, too. We could almost have a party at this rate!

    Viv's books are great - she is such a versatile and talnted writer.

    Thank you so much for my review - glad it's caused some interesting conversations in your house!

  6. Well I just wanted to comment and tell asastar what a lovely job she did reviewing these books for us! Wonderful job, little lady! Keep it up.


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