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Monday, 5 July 2010

Monster Monday: Meet the Monsters (aka The Girlies)

My girls love reading and we have been toying with the idea of doing joint reviews between me (asamum) and the girlies on the type of books they like to read adding what I think of them from a parents point of view : D We have been asked by Carlton Books to road-test a few and we are all excitedly waiting for the parcel to arrive *Christmas in a box* We are also hoping to take part in a little thing for Nosy Crow : D

So we thought we had better introduce you to the monster before we start anything else : D

Introducing asacheekymonkey : D aka The Tweenager & The Big One
Age: 9 & 3/4

Asamum says: She reads almost as fast & as much as I do. She has a penchant for vampires *I wonder where she got that from - asamum looks innocent*. She also keeps trying to pinch asamum's books *asamum growls*

Likes: Riding my bike; Horse Riding; Playing my DS; Singing *asamum blocks ears*; Puppies (but Mummy wont let me have one) *asamum glares*. Ohh and I really, really like reading : D

Dislikes: Vegetables; Sports Day; Bedtime *asamum lol'd*

Favourite Books: Clean Break by Jacqueline Wilson - it is sad but with a happy ending (her words), Darren Shan *asamum says see vampires*, Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

(asacheekymonkey carries on with extremely long list - asamum sighs might have to do a top ten post for her)

Introducing asastar : D aka The Middle One, Dippy Dora (asamum says she is so laid back she is virtually horizontal)

Age: Nearly 8

Likes: Dancing; Fairies; Magic; Reading; Playing; Riding my Bike; All things that are sweet - you know like chocolate, cakes, sweets *asastar starts drooling*

Dislikes: Vegetables (asamum says I can see a pattern here); Piano but Mummy makes me go *asamum sighs*; Daddy shouting at the TV when sport is on *asamum lol*

asamum says asastar is a slow, methodical reader (like her father) Interviewing asastar has been like getting blood out of a stone : D

Favourite Books: How To Train Your Dragon Series by Cressida Cowell - asastar says because they are really funny & good : D, Horrible Histories because they are funny & good for your brain (asamum lol) 

Introducing asacutie : D aka The Little One or The Monster

asamum says don't let the angelic looks fool you. This is the one that cant be trusted with pens (no not at all) We have found scribbles literally everywhere - toys, walls, legs, head - need I say more ;)

Age: 5

Likes: Playing with dollies. Chocolate even more than sweeties (her words), Dora, Peppa Pig, Princesses (because I am one - her words) Kittens (but Mummy wont let me have one - see asamum's response to puppies)

Dislikes: Vegetables (the theme continues), Bees and Couscous (yuck, yuck, yuck - her words)

Favourite Books: Anything Dora or Peppa Pig. asamum says she has a strange obsession with touchy-feely books

Our favourite read aloud books: Mostly Julia Donaldson - we love The Gruffalo. Silly Sally & Is Your Mama a Llama? OK so we like stuff that rhymes. It is fun to read aloud and even smaller children can join in with the repetition of sounds : D

So there you go. You have finally met the monster : D Please let me know what you think of our new feature.


  1. Your Girls are so cute! And have such great taste in books! I have a 5 and half year old princess/drama queen/angel/devil (who also likes to scribble anywhere and everywhere...her bed sheet recently(!?)) so will watch out for recommendations with interest! Lovely post.

  2. Hellooo asababies! (shall I call them that, collectively?) You have wonderful girls, Emma - so truly blessed! Your influence to asacheekymonkey is so wonderful! Asastar even loooks laidback and well, is she a daddy's girl? She seems like it! Hugs and kissed to asacutie because she's soo cute! You just know from that cheeky grin that she has a lot of michief planned. Aww you must have a very lively home with those three around. I think this is a great feature - I certainly am looking forward to it. This would hook your kids more to books (with parents' supervision, so even better!) and it will give both points of views so I can only say it's a great feature!

  3. What a FANTASTIC new feature! I cannot wait to see what they have to say about books :) They're gorgeous, aren't they? And I love how clearly you can see their personalities in their interviews and their photos. Must be chaos in your house!

  4. Aww, your girls are so adorable. Gosh, you must tell Asastar that The book fairy's haven adores fairies too. You must also tell them that they all have awesome taste in books. And that they have the prettiest blue eyes ever. Your kids are simply gorgeous!


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