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Monday, 6 June 2011

MG Monday: Guest Mini Review: Sweet Heart: Star Crossed by Jo Cotterill


Title: Star Crossed
Series: Sweet Hearts
Author: Jo Cotterill
Publisher: Red Fox
Publication Date: 27 May 2010
Synopsis: From Amazon

‘You did WHAT?’ screamed Mari.
‘You turned down the cutest boy ever? Are you crazy?’

Fliss isn’t exactly outgoing. But on stage she really comes alive.
And this summer, she’s playing Juliet opposite her dream Romeo – Tom Mayerling. If only she could tell him how she feels!
But unless Fliss finds some inner confidence, she’s going to miss her chance with Tom.
Because someone else has her eyes on Fliss’s role – and her leading man . .


I think Star Crossed is a really lovely book.

My favourite part was when Fliss auditioned and got the part of Juliet.

My favourite character was Mari because she believed in Fliss right from the start.

I didn’t like it when Samantha put the oil on the ladder and made Fliss sprain her hand.

There was one character I didn’t like, it was Samantha. I didn’t like her because she was after Fliss’s part.

I think the end was amazing and anyone that likes romantic stories should definitely read this book.

Thank you to A1 Age 10 for this lovely review.


  1. Brilliant review! Thank you very much, A1!

  2. Great review A1, it sounds like a fab book :D


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