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Friday, 3 June 2011

Random - Things I have Discovered

This week I have just not been organised. Something I hadn't really thought about before. Yes, I knew I liked things certain ways and I work (insert the word cope there)  better if I have a set plan (and actually stick to it without getting distracted by shiny things like twitter and playing with my blog - which you may have noticed me fiddling with this week.)

Anyway (see the distracted at work) what has really stood out or me this week is that I cant cope with being dis-organised. I don't know whether it is an age thing - you know middle age and getting set in my ways lol.

OR an after effect of being a Librarian - like shock waves that follow an earthquake.

OR it is something I have always had and just never thought too much about it before.

The thing is I have noticed this week - and to be perfectly honest - I am glad I have. If you have ever suffered depression you know that there are things/people that can trigger it. So it would seem that being dis-organised is one of my triggers, luckily this week I haven't got to bad with it being distracted by the shiny things mentioned above and having to feed the girls constantly (you don't realise how often they need feeding when they are in school or is it just my children [ : D ]

See I got distracted again. Back to the point of my ramble - now I know I have to be organised. Easier said than done but even making little adjustments to the organisational side of my life will have a positive effect. I feel like giving myself a star chart.

There you have it. I will keep you updated and if you have any organisational tips you would like to share please leave me a comment. How I love comments.

Also following on from my post about not being able to comment on Monday - it would seem that it is a Internet Explorer problem - I don't know how or why but when I was introduced to FireFox I could comment. I have absolutely no idea why as I am not that technical - as if you hadn't figured that out by now - but at least I can comment when using FireFox *CHEERS* I am in the process of catching up with all of the lovely/fabulous and totally fantastic blogs I follow. Unfortunately as you guys are so brilliant I have over 1,000 post to catch up on - Saturday Night will be known as Comment Night.


I am slightly nervous but am being a brave girl - something I am just going to have to come to terms with - going places with the girls on our own.

Hope you have a great Friday - apologies for the ramble. Hopefully I will have pictures from Hay to show you later *hugs*


  1. Rather than put yourself under pressure to read all previous posts, why don't you press 'Mark As Read' on your Google Reader and start again. Sometimes have to just let them slide.

    I hope you have a lovely time today and I can't wait to hear more about it. Have fun x

  2. I agree, if it all gets to much and my Google reader has so much in it I start to stress then I mark them all as read and start over. I always feel slightly guilty, but mainly I feel relieved. Disorganisation is certainly one of my own personal triggers but the trick is to not let it consume you - it's OK to get distracted occasionally or to divert from any set plan, just always have an alternative xx

  3. I sometimes have to just let the unread posts stay that way. If I'm too far behind I cant catch up so some are going to be left out!

    I hope you had a great time at Hay! I want to go next year, you think I'll see you there?!

  4. Did you have a nice time at the Hay festival - I would have loved to have gone!

    I can't cope with being dis-organised either. I have a whole notebook dedicated to - ToDo lists and I hate to think what would happen if I lost it! :s

  5. If I were you I would just let the posts in Google Reader slide (If I tried to read all the one's in mine at the moment I'm sure I'd be there all month!).


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