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Monday, 6 June 2011

MG Monday: Guest Mini Review: Witch baby and Me on Stage by Debi Gliori


Title: Witch Baby and Me On Stage
Series: Witch Baby and Me
Author: Debi Gliori
Publisher: Corgi Children’s
Publication Date: 1 July 2010

Synopsis: From Amazon

It's a rainy spring-time, coming up to Witch Baby Daisy's second birthday. Her nursery class are putting on a musical performance, helped by the older children, including big sister Lily.
Meanwhile Mum is trying to potty train Daisy, unaware that as soon as she succeeds, Daisy will be reclaimed by the witches who live on the hill, who've only been waiting for their little protegee to be out of nappies before they take her 'home'. Happily, Daisy is so rubbish at toilet training that Lily persuades Mum to drop the idea, and the day is saved!
The concert is a great success, despite Daisy turning Lily's bagpipes into a spider, and the witches are distracted by spells for romance.


My favourite part of this book was when Daisy sang:

“The animals went in two by two
Hurrah hurrah
The werewolf needed to do a poo
The spider wanted to do one too
And they all went into the ark
To get out of the drain.”
I didn’t like it when the nursery children were all crying in a wet puddle.

My favourite character was Daisy because she is really funny and always made me laugh.

I didnt like Nose because she is mean.

I really enjoyed this story because it was exciting and funny.

Thanks to S Age 8 for that delightful review.


  1. What a fantastic review, S! Thank you very much for that. I'm going to recommend this to my 7-year-old - it sounds like just her sort of thing! :)

  2. Aw - how lovely. I am going to have to encourage the girls to review for me.

  3. Fantastic review! :)

    I'm glad S enjoyed the story.

  4. awww! I love this review! S sounds like she loved it! :)

  5. Fab review, it sounds like a really fun read. I'm glad S enjoyed it :D


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