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Monday, 27 June 2011

MG Monday: Review: Monster High by Lisi Harrison


Title: Monster High
Series: Monster High
Author: Lisi Harrison
Publisher: Atom
Publication Date: 2 Sep 2010

Synopsis: From Amazon

The monster community has kept a low profile at the local high school, but when two new girls enroll, the town will never be the same. Created just fifteen days ago, Frankie Stein is psyched to trade her father's formaldehyde-smelling basement lab for parties and prom.

But with a student body totally freaked out by rumors of monsters stalking the halls, Frankie learns that high school can be rough for a chic freak like her. She thinks she finds a friend in fellow new student Melody Carver-but can a "normie" be trusted with her big secret?


Can I just start by saying this is such a fun take on the teen struggle for acceptance versus individuality. Written in third person narrative, as there are a lot of threads to keep under control and it makes it easier to differentiate the different personalities, but focalized from two different characters perspectives.

On one hand you have Frankie - a totally different take on the Frankenstein myth. Created out of love instead of in a quest for power. Frankie is a wonderful character to imagine. Thanks to her parents programming she is confident and always looks for the best in everything/everyone. Her crazy fashion sense and 'girly' ways make her so likable. Although she does have one heck of a stubborn streak, very head strong.

Melody - on the other hand - is the opposite to Frankie in that she doesn't feel as if she its in anywhere, especially her own family. Constantly over-shadowed by her attention obsessed sister, I really felt for Melody. Although I do wonder if the family really are 'normies', the classification given to humans by the 'other' species or RADS.

Images of an exclusive and wealthy community were re-enforced with the designer references. Again adding to the idea that there is more to Melody's family than meets the eye, or they wouldn't be allowed into this community/school.

'RAD's' is an interesting concept, the characters have all the normal teen issues with the knowledge that they are different yet still have to fit in, make friends, etc an unusual way of showing that people not just teens have to conform. Anything slightly different is not tolerates or accepted. Something that makes me very sad and a struggle that most teens endure on a daily basis.

A really amusing take on the 'classic' monster mythology. Clues to the 'monsters' true identities are sprinkled into the narrative to keep you guessing.

As I stated at the beginning this really is a fun read but I do feel it had an important message woven into the storyline - the real 'monsters' in today's society are intolerance and prejudice against anything that doesn't conform. I am looking forward to reading the next book especially to see if my suspicions about Melody's family are confirmed.


  1. It sounds like a fun read. Frankie sounds like an interesting character. I don't think I have heard of any other YA books taking on the concept of Frankenstein.

  2. Thank you for a great review¬! I was waiting to hear what you thought about this (I can remember seeing it on your IMM months ago!) before I decided to read or not and I think I will now! :D x


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