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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Musical Moments: Guest Post: The Soundtrack to My Life by Leanne of YA Forever Part 2

Apologies for the long delay in continuing the wonderful guest post by Leanne, check out Part One here. Get ready for a music treat:


This is a sad one. It was played during my cousins funeral. She died at 8 years old. She will forever be my best friend and missed every day. Her Dad chose for this to be played and at the time I wasn't completely sure it was the right song, but now I can see he made the right decision. It was the perfect song to bid her farewell.

Thank you for sharing that with us - such a beatiful song.

This I would say was the first Rock / Emo song I loved. This is the style of music I still listen to now. I actually got to see Linkin Park live for the first time last year, which was incredible. When they played this song it completely reminded me why I love them so much.

I found A Fine Frenzy at the same time that I started to read the Twilight books. A Fine Frenzy's album is definitely the soundtrack to those books for me. Whenever I hear the songs I think of how the books made me feel. I still think this song should have been played in New Moon, listen to the words, they go perfect to the Edward / Bella / Jacob triangle!!

Omgosh - dashes off to add to ipod.

This has to be my favourite band at the moment. Jared Leto is just the most beautiful man ever, I remember him from My So Called Life when he was just as beautiful. But his voice is even more hypnotic. I was very lucky to briefly meet them in 2009 and I honestly nearly melted when Jared spoke to me - best 10 seconds EVER!!

Oh so jealous [ ; D ]

For my last song I tried to think of music that is important to me right now. And I have to admit Glee totally does it for me right now. I know its not particularly cool, but look at the rest of my list - I've never been cool!! I absolutely adore the original of this song and get so excited when they play it at conventions, so when I heard they were doing it on Glee, I was literally Gleeful! I'm going to see the tour in June, so really hope they do this one!

Oh ENJOY - I am actually an original Time Warp girl but I think that is because I am OLD

I hope you enjoyed my wide and wacky taste in music and if nothing else, I hope you had a good giggle - Music is the best and will hopefully be my constant companion through life!

Thank you so much for your guest posts Leanne they have been fabulous.


  1. I really do think I might be the only person who doesn't like Glee! The first song is so sad!

  2. This is such an awesome post, I am now having to sit down and think about the soundtrack to my own life. Look what you ladies have done to me!

    Live Forever is one of my favourite songs but it's curiously one of those songs that vanishes from my life for a few months and then resurfaces in the car or the radio. I absolutely agree that it was a brilliant song to see her off with. I'm so sorry for your loss but you did her proud.

    I had no idea who Fine Frenzy was so THANKS VERY CHUFFING MUCH for giving me another group to obsess over. :)

    You gals are fab. - Elle

  3. This was a great post and thanks for some great music suggestions for a Sat morning.

    I really now like A Fine Frenzy! I can see why she links them with Twilight but I'm off to have a look for some more of their music - I've never heard of them before.

    I really like this feature! :)

    Jules x

  4. Great choices! :)
    I haven't listened to A Fine Frenzy before but I really must get them listened too as they sound really good!
    Im also an original Time Warp girl I'm afraid... cant stand Glee! :(


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